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The purpose of this site is to provide a free, quick, and easy way to post a daily gratitude by clicking on Submit Gratitude. You can also edit or delete your posts by clicking on My Dashboard. There are many proven physical and psychological benefits to keeping a gratitude journal. It promotes mindfulness and self-awareness, it creates a habit of positive thinking, and it gives us a greater peace of mind. I like to think that it provides an opportunity to add to the Universe’s positive bank. The more positive thoughts that are in the bank, the better the world becomes.  Here are a couple of great articles from Huffington Post and Forbes that explain the positive effects of being grateful.  This site is proudly operated on a non-profit basis. May all your gratitude posts bring you good karma.

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  • It was a dramatic weekend. Encountered some violent desperate malicious people this weekend, glad the family is back safe and sound. Thankful ..
  • 13481673-rice-field-green-grass-landscape-background
    Grateful for fresh blue skies after it rains and bright green grass in the Spring. 00
  • 8
    Grateful for the stars at night. I was admiring the sky last night. It reminded me of how grateful I am to be part of this beautiful planet under ..
  • 7
    I’m grateful for this tiger’s new life, even if it is at the zoo. It went through so much to get here. Luckily it’s in good ..
  • Christmas gift airplane
    I am grateful for being a stay at home mom. There is nothing more wonderful than having this time to spend with my kids- to watch them grow up, to be a part ..
  • SplitShire_VARIE-PU_0095
    Today, I am grateful for all things vintage. They remind us of the rapid and extraordinary evolution of culture and technology. They inspire ..
  • HNCK2220-1300x866
    I am so grateful for finding this excellent chocolate cake recipe. It was an absolute success at last night’s dinner party. I’m hoping ..
  • HNCK1598-1300x866
    Sending my gratitude to Goldie, my Golden Retriever. He’s the best dog I could have ever have asked for. His mission in life is to make ..
  • foodiesfeed.com_DSC_0002-4-1300x866
    Food is my passion and art. I am grateful for having the skill to create it and provide it for my family and friends. It’s not my profession ..
  • IMG_0768-1300x866
    I had the chance to visit my family in the Czech. It was so nice seeing them again not to mention the beautiful scenery. It’s an amazing ..